Visualizing Palestine (VP) was established in 2012, and is dedicated to using data and research to visually communicate Palestinian experiences to provoke narrative change. VP envisions a liberated future for Palestinians in a world free from oppression.

Legal Structure

Visualizing Palestine is a project of Visualizing Impact, which is registered as a non-profit organization in Canada. We have a fiscal sponsor in the U.S. called Empowerment Works, INC., EIN 31-1796801

Theory of Change

Visualizing Palestine’s theory of change is centered on narrative change. We believe that dominant narratives serve to obscure, justify, and perpetuate oppressive power structures in society. Visualizing Palestine is dedicated to creating narrative interventions that shift these power dynamics, making Palestinian narratives more visible, widely accessible, and powerful as part of wider anti-colonial and anti-racist narratives.

We have adopted what we call a “narrative wave approach,” in which we work to build momentum to move specific narrative goals through a range of tactics, interventions, and partnerships.

For more information about our theory of change, the conditions we believe must be in place in order to realize our vision, our narrative goals, and more on our 2023-2025 strategic plan, click here.

narrative wave approach



Rasha Sansur



VP Members are people who share our belief that data and creative communication have a role in the movement for Palestinian human rights, especially in highlighting the root causes of injustice.

Members make a recurring monthly or annual contribution of US $1 or more to VP, vouching a commitment to the work and contributing to scaling its impact.

Become a VP Member

Why Lilas Became a Visualizing Palestine Member from Visualizing Palestine on Vimeo.

Desmond Tutu once said, "if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor". Lilas Bitar feels the same way and she wants to tell you why she became a Visualizing Palestine Member. Hear from her in this video.

Visualizing Palestine Membership from Visualizing Palestine on Vimeo.

VP Membership: Visualizing Palestine’s primary source of funds start 2020. Message from co-founder Joumana al Jabri.

To become a Member: visualizingpalestine.org/membership