Membership FAQ

  • 01. Why membership?

    We believe social justice is achievable through collective action. For seven years, we’ve been building open, creative, credible tools to support community mobilization. Our members are partners, making it possible not only for us to continue, but to have a greater impact together.

  • 02. How does VI communicate with members?

    Because our membership is geographically diverse, our primary mode of communication is email newsletters. We’re also initiating local gatherings of members when possible in Amman, Dubai, Toronto, and other cities.

  • 03. What do members receive?

    The main benefit of becoming a member is knowing that you are contributing to important work. You’ll also have access to our mid year and end year internal reports sharing best practices and tools. Finally, we’ll let you know of any member gatherings in your city. We are working on other value adds to members and would be keen to receive your insights.

  • 04. What will you do with membership funds?

    Your membership will be directed to Visualizing Palestine’s core strategy, including expanding outreach and impact. We release new content every 2 weeks (24 releases/year), while advancing long-term projects like Palestine Open Maps.

  • 05. What if I can’t become a member?

    We understand! We hope you’ll subscribe to keep up with our news, and consider a one time contribution if you can (just check “make one time” in membership form below).

  • 06. What are the payment options?

    Currently, we are only accepting online membership payments. We use Stripe for secure membership transactions via your credit card. Our legal name, Visualizing Impact, will appear on your credit card statement. Paypal is also available, but only for one-time contributions at this time.

  • 07. How secure is my name and membership?

    Your name and membership history is only visible to our internal team through our CRM (Bloomerang - privacy policy). We do not share your name or any other personally identifying information publicly without your consent (VI - privacy policy).

  • 08. What is your legal status?

    Visualizing Impact is a registered non-profit in Canada and operates as a 501(c)(3) in the US via a fiscal sponsorship. Your membership contribution goes directly into our Canada or US account.