Original Villages of Gaza’s Refugees

In Gaza, 1.7 million Palestinian refugees from more than 190 villages across historic Palestine have been confined to only 1% of their homeland for 75 years. [Since October 2023].

This map shows the villages of origin of Palestinian refugees in Gaza. The majority of their home villages are within 30–40 kilometers of where this genocide is unfolding.

During the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, known as the Nakba, about 27% of the 750,000 Palestinians who were forcibly displaced sought refuge in Gaza, tripling its population overnight.

Most were peasant farmers who thought they would soon return to their land and livelihood. Instead, their futures are still held hostage by Israel.

Today, these survivors and their descendants make up 70% of the population in Gaza. They are once again experiencing a catastrophe, or Nakba, with 1.9 million people displaced in Gaza, 18,787 killed, half starving, and more than 300,000 housing units destroyed or damaged.

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