Uprooted (Animation)

From 1967–2013, Israeli authorities uprooted an estimated 800,000 Palestinian olive trees, the equivalent of uprooting New York's Central Park 33 times. This animation is an adaptation of an infographic originally published by Visualizing Palestine in October 2013.

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VIEW ORIGINAL INFOGRAPHIC https://visualizingpalestine.org/visuals/olive-harvest

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24,000 trees in Central Park. Central Park, 2013. Official Website, Frequently Asked Questions (accessed 31 May 2013)
$12.3million loss = 10% of potential peak year income from the 8 million remaining trees in West Bank and Gaza. UN OCHA, 2012. Olive Harvest Factsheet & UNDP, 2008. The Olive Harvest in the West Bank & Gaza Strip (PDFs)
80,000 families rely economically on olive harvest.UN OCHA, 2012. Olive Harvest Factsheet (PDF)


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