The Palestinian Authority Guide to Keeping Yourself Occupied

The PA is the West Bank's largest employer, and around one third of its annual budget is allocated to 'security and public order' – more than health and education combined. All new recruits are vetted by Israeli and US officials, and have been widely deployed to crack down on non-violent Palestinian civil society activities, while doing nothing to protect Palestinians from attacks by Israeli settlers or soldiers.

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Information aggregated from Al Jazeera, Amnesty International, B’Tselem, The Guardian, International Crisis Group , Mada Center, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, Palestinian Ministry of Finance, UN OCHA, USCRS, and governments of India, Israel and USA. National security spending estimates include military, police, justice and veteran benefits.

PA jurisdiction (p1,18)
PA Budget + Global Comparison
Public opinion (p1)
Opponents, NGOs (p27,29)
Journalists (p5)
Settler attacks (p15,44)
IDF violations (p8)
788 IDF demolitions = 184 Gaza + 540 Area C + 64 Jerusalem (p25,27,31)


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